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Kári Árnason

Performing Arts Medicine MSc

Professional Biography

Kári Árnason is a physiotherapist from Iceland, born and raised in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. He graduated as a physio from the University of Iceland in 2013 and started working at the orthopedic department at the National University Hospital and in another private physioclinic he moved to London in September 2015. He also worked at the Iceland Academy of Arts, in 2014/15, where he taught and developed an educational and prevention course for music students.

Music has always been a huge part of Kári‘s life. He started playing the bass at the age of 12 and since then has been an active member of the music scene in Iceland, as a member of various bands.

Kári said “when I found out about the Performing Arts Medicine MSc at UCL, I immediately thought that this would be a brilliant way to combine my work as a physiotherapist and my passion for music and to meet other health practitioners who are also passioned about performing arts medicine. Having the opportunity to study performing arts medicine at UCL is a priceless experience and has so far been a blast.

I have a big clinical interest in the shoulder and the shouldergirdle and in the treatment of shoulder pathologies. The aim of my research project will be to investigate the role of the lower trapezius muscle in neck, shoulder and upper back pain in violin, viola and cello players. I hope that I will be able to discover more detailed information about the biomechanical role of the lower trapezius muscle in neck, shoulder and upper back problems and hopefully will the results help to establish stronger rehabilitation and injury prevention methods for string musicians."