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Edbert Wreksoatmodjo

Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc

Professional Biography

Edbert Wreksoatmodjo is a trained doctor who graduated from Medical School in Indonesia in 2012. After undertaking various medical roles in Indonesia, Edbert moved to London to take up the Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc course on a one-year, full-time basis. He says he chose the course as it was rated as the best of its kind.

Edbert has found the course, based at the ISEH on Tuesdays and Thursdays, exciting. “It’s very enlightening”, he says. “The lecturers are top doctors and physiotherapists in their field. We’ve heard from Chief Medical Officer of the Rugby Union and medical staff from England's football team.”

The course is challenging, he says, with lots of new material. “It’s also different – in medical training a lot of the focus is on disease, whereas this course also deals with musculoskeletal conditions, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. But if you’re interested, as I am, then it’s enjoyable.”

Edbert has found the multidisciplinary nature of the course has helped to broaden his skills. He describes it as “a good forum for knowledge exchange”. He is currently working on his research project, which is studying GP promotion of physical activity in Indonesia, in terms of awareness and implementation.

He is open-minded about his plans after completing the course. “I’m looking forward to returning to Indonesia with a broader set of skills. There aren’t currently that many sports doctors back home, so maybe there’s also an opportunity there.”