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The Sports Gastroenterology MDT is a new service for athletes suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms or with issues around performance nutrition led by Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr Robert Fearn and Clinical and Sports Dietitian Rick Miller and involves the breadth of expertise available at the ISEH.

Gastrointestinal symptoms are common in sport and these symptoms are frequently severe or intrusive. Symptoms can be secondary to primary pathology of the GI tract or may be secondary to aspects of nutritional intake or training. At the extremes of physical endurance, the gastrointestinal tract is affected in unique ways with significant resultant changes in the perfusion and physiology of the abdominal organs. 

The Sports Gastroenterology MDT approach is suited to any elite professional or recreational athlete experiencing persistent or unexplained gastrointestinal symptoms. These symptoms may be triggered by exertion or come on at rest. Such symptoms may include reflux, nausea, vomiting, bloating, abdominal pains, diarrhoea or bloody stool. Other indications for discussion at the Sports Gastroenterology MDT include the need to review or optimise nutritional plans, especially in the context of active gastrointestinal pathology or metabolic complications such as REDS or recurrent stress fractures.

The MDT aims to provide symptomatic athletes with access to current best practice investigations and management whilst tailoring the approach to the unique demands of elite and professional sport. We will work closely with athlete and their existing medical and coaching teams to ensure a joined up approach to their care.

To refer to the Sports Gastroenterology MDT please contact or call 0203 447 2801.