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One of the core objectives at the ISEH is research to benefit the elite athlete and understanding how this expertise can be interpreted and used for the benefit of general public health.

Hence one of our research themes focuses purely on population health. This is a unifying concept, to gather data and research on the large-scale impacts of the many biological, behavioural and psycho-social processes that influence population groups over the course of a lifetime.

We are fortunate in that, at UCL, we have range of expertise in this area. Our experts have come together to form research groups that cover every stage of a person's life.

The ISEH has set-up a range of interdepartmental collaborations to understand the broader impact of exercise and activity, throughout a person’s life and for the population as whole.

The ISEH are currently working very closely with UCL's Physical Activity Research Group (PARG) and Camden Council on the Camden Active Spaces Project.

For further details on our Population Health research please contact